TovtraPodilski Tovtry

Tovtry are the remains of the shore riffs that existed about 200 000 000 ago and now protruded along the shore line. Similar geological formations of stony ridges are found in Great Britain and the USA. Millions of years ago there was a Sarmatskoe Sea in that area.

Then the sea receded having left on its place the canyon and whimsical formations of unknown origin which are nowadays called tovtry.

Systematic discoveries of relics in different parts of the Worlds until recently was explained by Biblical concept of a Great Flood.Tovtry2 However, the geology science developed a new theory rivaling a Biblical explanation. During the Paleozoic through Mesozoic periods there was the ocean or a great system of interconnected water reservoirs which nowadays received a name of the Tetis. The Tetis separated two large continents Lavrazia and Gondvana about 200 million years ago before the continents attained their present configuration and location.

About 66.5 millions ago the remains of Gondvana collapsed with Lavrazia and formed Alpian-Himalayan Mountain Belt consisting of Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians and Himalayas. After the collision, the Tetis has maintained its role as a water reservoir for some time, covering the major part of the Southern Eurasia. The eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea are the remains of the Tetis (or the Sarmatskoe Sea).

-1Later, due to the great reconfiguration and realignment, the bed of the ocean emerged on the surface and revealed the cliffs and other rock formations built of limestone. These are the Tovtry. However, not only. Tovtry are the formations of unknown origin, up to 6 meters, with unique only to them incongruous microclimate and the hosts of microorganism living on them.

The uniqueness of area surrounding Tovtry has gone so far as to record the fact that there are species living in that area which are not characteristic for this region at all. Conversely and surprisingly, however, they are found in absolutely different places on the Globe, in subtropics for example.

Tovtry are located in the Western part of Ukraine nearby Kamenets-Podolsky city. Therefore, the trip is recommended to include going to Kamenets-Podolsky and Khotyn. Going to see Tovtry will take four to five hours plus the time travelling from Kiev which will take about six-seven hours in a car or one night on a train.

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