Rzhichshev5The World War II. Bukrinsky Place of Arms

In the autumn of 1943 not far from Bukrinsky place of arms the Germans were compelled to open a psychiatric hospital for their soldiers - gun-fires. They were going crazy from the number of people they had to kill every day.

Bukrinsky Place of Arms is located nearby Rzhyshchev town which is in an hour drive from Kiev. A trip will take three-four hours. It is convenient and it is recommended to include in the trip visitin a Museum of Tripolska Culture and local sightseeing points. The area around Rzhyshchev is rich on ancient and modern history, not to mention that this area near Kiev is considered to be one of the most beautiful landscape territories in Ukraine. High hills intermit with valleys, cliffs and wide panorama views of the Dnieper. You will cannot help but stop and enjoy the breathtaking views and take pictures. Therefore, the whole trip with Meseum of Tripolska Culture and local sightseeings will take about 5-6 hours.

About Bukrinsky Place of ArmsRzhichshev2

It is estimated that the losses of the Soviet Army at Bukrinsky Place of Arms averagely concluded to half a million. Some sources give even greater number, according to them at Bukrinsky Place of Arms near Kiev during the main battle for Kiev died about 700 000 people.

Marshal Zhukov said that “Soldiers are the dust on the boots of the generals”. And the commander new what he was saying. The Soviet commanders did not care for their solders at the least. While German commanders cared very much for their own solders.

There were not enough uniforms for the drafted newcomers and they had to wear civil clothes and for that they were called “black jackets”. Sometimes Soviet soldiers did not have a rifle or a gun and had to go to the battle with a four-sided bayonet. Not seldom a soldier before a battle was given only a helmet or a grenade and had to “wrestle the rest from the enemy”.

When Germans left a place of arms, the civil local population had the duty to bury bodies. Elderly men and women could not dig out enough graves and often cadavers were buried in trenches, both Soviets and Germans.

Documented evidence

The museum holds many documents containing memories of soldiers who were in this blood-freezing battle as well as heart-arresting memories of local people witnesses who could not participate in the battle (elderly people and children). The museum staff presents different points of view, based upon later researches and analyses on the necessity and the expedience of such huge losses.

Even though some documents are still kept from public in the state classified archives (particularly in Moscow), by now there is a sufficient number of materials available to assess overall Soviet military management. The results of the researches have been overwhelming. They bring up facts about the inconceivable price that the Soviet people paid in this war which was started by the Soviet government together with Hitler.

Now still, almost every family in Ukraine and Russia holds memories of relatives who were either killed or lost the health in the Second World War.

This is the chapter in the history of this country together with artificial famin which is worth of studying because what is written in this chapter you will not find in any other history of the world. No other government on the planet has valued their own citizens so low and treated them so cruelly as the Russian gorvenment of the Soviet Union.

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