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The Crimea is one of the first places to visit when you go to Ukraine. The Crimea provides wonderful sightseeings opportunities and places for recreation when you arrive to Ukraine.

Short description of the itinerary: Balaklava. Medieval Genoa fortification and walking up a breath-taking and absolutely captivating mounting pass along the ridge leading to the Silver and Golden beaches. A trip to the Soviet Classified Submarine Base. A trip to Chersonesos. Traces of antique civilization. Bakhchisaray. One of the first Christian settlements, the unrivaled caved town Chufut-Kale.


Uspensky caved monastery. The khan palace of the Ottoman Empire. The marble caves (the Marble cave, the Bottomless cave, the Emine Bayir Khosar’s cave). The tour is planned for three days unless other destinations are included.

If you are looking for the best way to go to the Crimea from Kiev, we will take you on a three or more days trip to the Crimea peninsular. About the benefits of the trip and why this is a convenient way of travelling for you read here.

The first day of the tour

Arriving at Balaklava (Sevastopol). Checking in, venturing to the Balaklava Bay. Sightseeing the Genoa Fortification. Working up the picturesque mountain path. Swimming in the Silver or in the Golden beach. Dinner. Going to the Soviet Classified Submarine Base. Leisure time. Supper. Night walk on illuminated bay.Balaklava

Possible options:

going at sea in a boat;

venturing into the shore mountain caves in a boat;

horse riding to the mountains;

Byzantine_basilicaThe second day of the tour

Checking out. Travelling to Chersonesos. Sightseeing the evidence of antique civilization. Antique Amphitheatre. Arriving back to the hotel. Lunch. Dislocating to Bakhchisaray. Venturing to Chufut-Kale, Uspensky caved monastery, khan palace of Ottoman Empire. Accommodating in the hotel. Supper. Leisure time.

    Possible options:

    quadra cycling in the Bakhchisaray plains

    familiarising with unique stone Bakhchisaray city architecture

    horse riding to Bakchisaray plains

The third day of the tour Crimea-photo-Emine-Bair-Khosar-Cave-Mammoth-Cave-Crimean-photos-hv_Ni709431

Checking out. Venturing to the Marble caves (the Marble cave, the Bottomless cave, the Emine Bayir Khosar’s cave). Then options are  possible: travelling through the Chatyr-Dag mountain ridge, to Andgar-Bogaz mountain pass

to the Plain of Ghosts

or to the Demirdzhi mountain and Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall.

The description of the sightseeing points

Marble caves. The cave received it name “Marble” because of the soils where it was formed – marble-like limestone. The environment of the caves has been created for many years in the complete duck, with no influence of water. When you are inside, you breathe freely with full lungs while you realize that are in the ice cold kingdom. Or at least it is the impression that everything is icy. Actually, the temperature in the cave is plus 9 at relatively high humidity. The tourists in the cave are accompanied by music of different style in each underground hall. Hence the second name of the tour -“Melodies of Chatyr-Dug”.

Chersoneses-bellChersonesos. Founded in the 6th century before AD as one of Ancient Greece colonies, it for almost two thousand years remained the major cultural, economic and political centre. It took part in all important celebrations and events of ancient Greece. Moreover, it had its own currency which successfully competed with other currencies of the antique region. Later it was occupied by Romans.

Chersonesos is one of the paramount places to visit when you are the first time in the Crimea. It is one of the few places on the planet representing the antique world.

Bakhchisaray. Bakchisaray has unraveled architecture of the city, as it is built completely of stone.

Balaklava. You will follow the pass which antique Greek, Romans and filibusters used to walk and look from the fortification where Genoa knights used to stay on duty guarding their mission’s territory. You will swim in the water of the Golden or Silver beaches so many years ago attracted Odyssey and many travelers unsuspectingly allured by its peaceful charms.

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