Southern Crimea

Short description of the itinerary: Novy Svet. Golitsyn path. Venturing to Golitsyn grotto. The Plain of Ghosts. Marble caves (the Marble cave, the Bottomless cave, the Emine Bayir Khosar’s cave). The Great Canyon of Crimea. The rope path. The Silver Strings waterfall. Vorontsov palace. Alupka park. The Swallow’s nest. Yalta. The tour is planned for three days unless other destinations are included.


If you are looking for the best way to go to the Crimea from Kiev, we will take you on a three or more days trip to the Crimea peninsular. About the benefits of the trip and why this is a convenient way of travelling for you read here.

The first day of the tour 1.Arriving at Novy Svet. Checking in. Dinner, familiarization with the bay, perceiving and enjoying theNovy-Svet available sights and landscapes of the bay. Swimming. Venturing to the Golitsyn path. Descending into the Golitsyn grotto. Possibly swimming. Lunch. Going to the Plain of Ghosts. Returning to Novy Svet. Supper. Enjoying the bay and the sea.

The second day of the tour 2.Checking out. Travelling to the Marble caves. Moving on to the Great Canyon of Crimea. Riding on the rope path. Venturing to the Silver Strings waterfall. Arriving at Kareiz, accommodating. Supper. Enjoying the local environment.

The third day of the tour 3.Venturing to Alupka park. Going on excursion to Vorontsov palace. Working down and enjoying the park and the views on the way. Going to the Swallow’s nest. Going in a boat along the coast to Yalta. Walking along the quay. Dinner.


Description of the sightseeing points

Novy Svet. Is the blue bay with absolutely transparent water and breathtaking views. Since Novy Svet is from all its sides surrounded by mountains, it has a unique climate. The mountains protect the bay from the cold winds, rendering it the perpetual summer almost all seasons in the year.

The Great Canyon of Crimea. Has appeared due to the natural shifts of gigantic soils blocks. TheCrimea-photo-The-Grand-Canyon-of-Crimea-Crimean-photos-hv_Ni727008 length of the Great Canyon in the most narrow points is 3-5 meters. It is prohibited to speak loudly in the canyon so that to prevent stone falls. The depth of the canyon is down to 320 meters. The light is dusk and gloaming. The bottom of the Great Canyon is percolated with rapids, cricks and waterfalls and cramped with boulders and stones heaped up the path alongside the mountain cliffs. The water trickling in the bottom of the Great Canyon whittles fantastic basins and water reservoirs.

The Swallow’s nest.Is a castle whimsically located on the very top of the cliff, hanging off the cliff. For its ambitious construction and excellent photographic image it became a symbol of the Southern part of Crimea.

Vorontsovsky_Palace5Vorontsov palace and Alupka park. Vorontsov was the earl at the tsar court in the 19thcentury, and this was his summer residence. Built on the slope of the mounting, in the heart of the garden designed by tsar landscape designers, it is a green-and-stone paradise.

Yalta. Is one of the most famous and most popular summer resorts and recreation places in the Crimea. Yalta is famous for its long quay pestered with restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

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